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Zucchini Bread

Prep: 10 mins | Cook: 40 mins | Total: 60 mins | Servings:10


Zucchini Bread
Zucchini Bread
Zucchini Bread
I started working in restaurants at about 14 years old. At first it was just weekends and summers, but when I turned 18, I worked in a big city restaurant, for none other than Wolfgang Puck! At the time (1992), this was HUGE for a little 18 year old punk from the mountains of California. This recipe started its life during those days.

My first big city restaurant job was ... as a baker. Yes, my friends, I was a peddler of flour and sugar ... professionally! Oh, how I've changed my ways! This recipe was handed to me via the head baker in and amongst a tattered booklet of other hand-written baked goods. It was given to me as a breakfast muffin, of which we baked the big kind, with giant booming caps!

Years and years later, I owned a catering company in Mexico. As a promotional tool, I would attend the local farmer's market as a vendor, peddling my flours and sugars, including this recipe, which had some of the fat removed for a lighter texture. It was also baked into a loaf, rather than a muffin. I sold out of my zucchini bread first, almost always!

Here we are again ... years and years later ... this recipe is rearing its head once more! This time, as a low-carb zucchini loaf! I'm going to say something a little strange, but ... trust me when I say I believe it ...

Historically, this would rise and create a very soft and cakey loaf. This loaf, without the gluten to really carry the weight ... somewhat collapsed on itself, but a remarkable thing happened. Perhaps it's the new flour blend, but the texture has almost improved! The taste is just phenomenal! The end result is almost like a baked pudding, in texture. Soft and tender, with a whisper of cakey-ness, and brown crispy edges! I don't really have much of a sweet tooth, but with this thing lying around ... it got eaten ... AND QUICKLY!

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IngredientsCaloriesFatProteinCarbsFiberSA'sNet Carbs
1 3/4 cups (184.16g)  splendid gluten-free bake mix (recipe)952.8369.0137.862.7524.5038.25
1 cup (200g)  'Swerve' or other sugar replacement (Buy Now) 00020002000
2 tsp (8g)  baking powder (Buy Now) 10002002
1 tsp (2g)  cinnamon, ground4.
1/2 tsp (1g)  nutmeg, freshly ground5.
1/2 tsp (2g)  salt0000000
1/4 tsp (.25g)  cloves, ground0000000
1/3 cup (74.67g)  coconut oil (Buy Now) 6406400000
2 large (100g)  whole eggs14310131001
2 tsp (8g)  vanilla extract11.54001001
1 cup (180g)  grated green zucchini28.98.562.236.132.2303.9
1/2 cup (49.5g)  pecans halves, toasted and very coursely chopped34235.54.57502
Totals (of 10 Servings):2138.54179.45g57.67g281.99g33g200g48.99g
Per Serving:213.8517.95g5.77g28.2g3.3g20g4.9g *


  1. Pre-heat oven to 350 F.
  2. Grease and dust a standard loaf pan (8"x4") with the gluten-free bake mix. Set aside.
  3. In a mixing bowl, combine all the dry ingredients. Mix well.
  4. In a separate mixing bowl, combine your wet ingredients, including the zucchini and toasted pecans. Mix well, to make sure the eggs are completely mixed in.
  5. Add the wet mixture to the dry mixture. Combine to form a nice batter.
  6. Pour the batter into your prepared loaf pan and bake until it has risen in the center and is brown on the edges (about 40 minutes).
  7. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for at least 10 minutes. At this point ... it's up to you what you want to do with it! (I pretty much ate it!)

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What can I use in the bake mix instead of the oats? I'm Banting so can't eat grains etc. this looks delish 

 Karen Dalziel  2/8/2015


---Reply posted by DJ on 2/8/2015
Karen, I'm honestly not sure. I used a bake mix from Jennifer Eloff who spent a lot of time perfecting it. I really hesitate to pick apart someone else's ratios. My hunch is that a little bit more coconut flour will yield positive results, but ... I cannot say with absolute certainty. I do have 2 other zucchini based muffin recipes, neither of which use oats. You could click search at the top of the page and look for zucchini muffins. From there, pick your favorite and multiply the recipe by 4, 5 or 6 times and bake THAT in a loaf pan. That should also do the trick. I hope this helps! :)

Just made this  even made my own almond flour and oat flour for the bake mix  I threw all the ingredients into my thermomix and kneaded the mixture  for 5 mins   proof will be in the tasting but if raw mixture is any indication cant wait to taste after it is cooked    :) 

 Debra  2/7/2015


---Reply posted by DJ on 2/8/2015
YAY!!!!! :D
---Reply posted by Debra on 2/8/2015
OMG this is so nice Im taking some to work with me to share with the girls :)
---Reply posted by DJ on 2/8/2015
So, Debra ... how was it?! (pins and needles ... pins and needles!)

Kelly, I'm sure I'm a bit late to the game, at this point, but ... I assume you did it and assume it was delicious. Sorry to make you wait! :)

 DJ  8/21/2014


Hi, Thank you for all your recipes. I am stuck right in the middle of this one. I am doubling I hope it works but I only have a teaspoon of cinnamon. ( I know I should have checked before lol) I do have pumpkin pie spice, Can I use in place of the cinn, nutmeg and cloves? Thank you

 Kelly  8/19/2014


YAY! I'm glad you enjoyed it, JE. Thanks for the feedback! :)

 DJ  7/14/2014


I made this it was very good. Thanks for the recipe!!

 JE  7/13/2014


Hi Joan, yep! Really any fat will do. Something like melted bacon fat would be an interesting and delicious choice. Melted butter would also work, but I'd suggest squeezing some of the water out of the grated zucchini if you use melted butter (actually, in general, I think it's a good idea). I hope this helps! :)

 DJ  3/14/2014


Can I use a different oil instead of coconut oil in the zucchini bread recipe

 Joan Goodreau  3/14/2014


Hi Crysld, that's an interesting/excellent question! Unfortunately, I'm not sure! My gut tells me that it would work and probably even work quite well! Just use a touch less. So, a cup and a half. My suggestion would be ... make a half batch, the first time. If you're really nervous about it, make a pancake with it, first. If the pancake rises and tastes good, you're likely to be in luck! Then ... just bake a few muffins with the batter. The second time, if you liked the results of the first test ... make a full loaf or two! I wish I had more experience with the lower carb mix, but ... I've just simply never used it. I hope this helps!

 DJ  9/15/2013


hi, I was just wondering if I could use the Splendid low-carb bake mix (here's the link: ), instead of the gluten-free bake mix, since the carb count is SO much lower? would it turn out the same or would I need to use more or less than 1-3/4c. of the low-carb mix?

 crysld  9/15/2013


Hi Robyn ... PERFECT! That's excellent information. Thank you for the update! :)

 DJ  8/13/2013


Mornin' DJ - just to let you know I made this yet again but squzzed the zukes this time. One word says it all: perfection! Me thinks this is the only Zbread I'll ever need to make! I'm out of zukes right now but that's probably a good thing as I've already made three (or is it four?!) loaves of this stuff, and eaten most of it myself. But before the summer is over I hope to bake and freeze a few loaves to enjoy (and maybe even share!) over-winter. Thanks muchly and now to decide what great recipe here to try next!

 Robin C.  8/9/2013


Oh ROBIN ... STOP!! Such luscious wording! THIS is a big part of why I do so little baking. The ZBread will call my name ... then it will call it louder ... then LOUDER! I agree with you on the flavor. This one REALLY delivers! :) Please let me know if you ever do the el-squeezo on it. I'll also try, if ever I choose to make this again. Thanks for the update!

 DJ  6/28/2013


Just as a follow-up: this bread just gets better after a couple of days, and refrigerating really seems to firm it up. Truly the best low-carb bread I've tried to this point! It's great plain but do try it sometime with a shmear of coconut butter or a meager drizzle of raw cinna-honey...oh my... I had a slice with each - to be able to give an objective opinion, you understand. I'm stepping away from the zbread now..for today :D

 Robin C.  6/28/2013


Thank you, Robin! Please let me know how the squeezing technique works for you. I'm really torn on the pudding quality ... I initially saw it as a drawback, but ... one taste and I was SOLD! If you do give it a shot, please report back. Thank you ... I applaud your taste buds! :)

 DJ  6/26/2013


I just discovered your site while in search of new low-carb recipes...and saw this recipe for Zucchini Bread..right on time, as I had several zukes to use up and I loved the sound of a low-carb Zbread. This recipe really delivers! Great flavor and spice level is spot on. I may squeeze out my shredded zukes next time, just to see if I can reduce the almost-pudding texture just a bit. I love moist; this was just almost "wetter" than I prefer. Will definitely be trying more of your recipes - my taste buds applaud you!

 Robin C.  6/26/2013