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Raita (Cucumber-Yogurt Sauce)

Prep: 15 mins | Cook: 0 mins | Total: 15 mins | Servings:8


Raita (Cucumber-Yogurt Sauce)
Raita (Cucumber-Yogurt Sauce)
Raita (Cucumber-Yogurt Sauce)
Raita is a sauce or dip usually used with Indian or Pakistani food. It's actually got A LOT in common with a variety of other yogurt based sauces from other cultures, such as Tzatziki, the Greek sauce. I should probably just call it "yogurt cucumber sauce", but ... I didn't.

Because I wanted to keep it basic, which allows you to add it to a wider variety of things, I chose to leave it really basic. It's a REALLY nice way to complement some hot grilled chicken on a scorching summer day. Add a little cumin, coriander and some cayenne and it becomes a wonderful accompaniment to lamb. Throw some spicy beef and chilies into a low-carb pita and slather this stuff on it.

Ah, I suppose I should mention the "English" cucumber. These are the cucumbers you'll often see wrapped in tight plastic. These are a little longer, thinner and slightly sweeter. They also have softer seeds and thinner skin. This makes them a little more of a pleasant cucumber, all around!

Here's a picture!


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IngredientsCaloriesFatProteinCarbsFiberSA'sNet Carbs
1 cup (226g)  greek yogurt, plain and full fat260228100010
1 each (301g)  english cucumber, seeded and diced46.310011.580011.58
2 tbsp (30.5g)  lime juice, freshly squeezed7.640.142.64.0702.57
1/4 cup (22g)  fresh mint, chopped9.68.22.661.761.5400.22
1/4 cup (22g)  fresh cilantro, chopped5.
salt and fresh cracked black pepper, to taste0000000
Totals (of 8 Servings):328.6922.44g9.24g26.86g2.27g0g24.59g
Per Serving:41.092.81g1.16g3.36g0.28g0g3.07g *


  1. Mix the ingredients together in a bowl. Taste, season, taste and serve!

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Ate at Afghan restaurant and loved their yogurt dressing which was served with cucumber, tomato, red onion, radish salad. Your recipe looks similar. Thanks. 

 jo  1/18/2015