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Pumpkin-Spice OMM with Maple Butter

Prep: 5 min | Cook: 1 mins | Total: 6 mins | Servings:1


Pumpkin-Spice OMM with Maple Butter
Pumpkin-Spice OMM with Maple Butter
Pumpkin-Spice OMM with Maple Butter
Here we have a very simple pumpkin OMM. It's little more than a basic OMM recipe, but with the addition of some spices and a healthy spoonful of pumpkin puree! The end result is little more than a quick pumpkin yum, perfect for any time of the day!

It's midnight and you can't sleep? Pumpkin OMM! It's 9 PM and there's a "Moonlighting" marathon on TV? Pumpkin OMM! The dogs just jumped on the table and ate the eggs and bacon? PUMPKIN OMM!

The one thing that I personally feel makes this a bit on the special side is the partner in crime. MAPLE BUTTER! The reality is, this is something I should have probably made its own recipe, rather than hiding it here, but ... that's not the road I chose. Only you reading the Pumpkin OMM recipe will be privy to the maple butter, which ... is AWESOME slathered on a pork chop! It's AMAZING on a fresh hot Pumpkin OMM straight from the nuker. It's perfect melted on top a thick stack of pancakes in the morning! Make a batch of this splendid butter and stash it in the freezer, in one big plastic wrapped log. Just slice off a disc when you need some. You'll find it won't last long!

Maple Butter Suggestion: The recipe for the maple butter is actually 1/2 cup butter (softened) and 1/4 cup sugar-free pancake syrup. With a mixer, whip the butter until it's light in color and airy. Then, pour in the syrup, with a dash of salt and whip until combined. Lay a sheet of plastic wrap on the counter, then spread your butter into a small log. Roll the log in the plastic wrap and refrigerate or freeze. This will make enough butter for about 6 to 8 OMM's. The amounts below are listed in this manner, so that I could keep the recipe as a single serving.

. .
Maple ButterCaloriesFatProteinCarbsFiberSA'sNet Carbs
1 tbsp (14g)  butter1001100000
1/2 tbsp (7.5g)  sugar free maple syrup (Buy Now) 0000000
1 dash (0g)  salt0000000
Pumpkin-Spice OMMCaloriesFatProteinCarbsFiberSA'sNet Carbs
2 tbsp (13g)  golden flaxseed meal (Buy Now) 604.534400
2 tbsp (14g)  hazelnut flour (substitute almond meal) (Buy Now) 908.522.51.501
2 tbsp (30g)  'Swerve' or other sugar replacement (Buy Now) 000300300
1/2 tsp (2g)  baking powder (Buy Now) 2.500.5000.5
1/2 tsp (1g)  cinnamon, ground2.
1/4 tsp (.5g)  nutmeg, freshly ground2.
1 dash (0g)  cloves, freshly ground0000000
1 dash (0g)  dried powdered ginger0000000
1 dash (0g)  salt0000000
2 tbsp (30.56g)  mashed pumpkin (Buy Now) 12.420.252.48.9901.49
1 large (50g)  whole egg71.556.5.5000.5
Totals (of 1 Servings):341.5229.19g11.82g41.04g7.13g30g3.91g
Per Serving:341.5229.19g11.82g41.04g7.13g30g3.91g *


  1. Read the notes about the Maple Butter, above. The best method for this is to make a large batch, in advance.
  2. In a wide mouthed coffee mug, combine your flax, hazelnut (or almond) meal, sugar replacement, baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and salt. (I like to grease my mug first, but I don't think it's necessary)
  3. Mix in your egg and pumpkin puree.
  4. Microwave on high for 60 seconds (90 seconds if using a weaker microwave)
  5. Slather some maple butter on top. Eat and enjoy!

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Can you list the ingredients in an amount for a full muffin pan of these? I multiplied everything by 8 but it didn’t turn out as good 

 Kevin   10/15/2018


---Reply posted by DJ on 10/17/2018

I would likely multiply everything by 6 for a standard 12-cup muffin pan.

3/4 cup golden flaxseed meal (or ground chia)

3/4 cup hazelnut flour (substitute almond meal)

3/4 cup 'Swerve' or other sugar replacement

2 tsp baking powder (smaller muffins need a bit less lift)

2 tsp cinnamon, ground (3 tsp feels like overkill to me)

1 tsp nutmeg, freshly ground (this should be 1 ½ tsp, but frankly even 1 tsp of fresh nutmeg feels like overkill)

1 tsp dried powdered ginger

1 tsp salt

1/4 tsp cloves, freshly ground (cloves, like nutmeg, can be overpowering. Not a bad flavor, but if you want to taste the pumpkin … better to go light)

3/4 cup mashed pumpkin

6 large whole eggs
Almond milk to adjust consistency

That’s my stab at a better balance for a standard 12-cup muffin pan. You said in a FB message that it was “eggy”. You could probably drop an egg, if you used something like a bit of xanthan gum or psyllium husk to help with the structure. Also, you said you used chia, which tends to translate a bit wetter. I don’t personally see this as a negative trait, but it is different. I’m wondering if this was an unexpected change?

Ah, I was also going to say that as you increase the amount of anything in an oven, it’s going to drop the temperature and take more energy to bake. You could pre-heat the oven to 400, put the muffins in the oven, then drop to 375. That will give more oomph to start and perhaps a bit more lift, but be careful not to burn them.

Does this help? Let me know how they turn out!

Good luck!

So my fella took one of these to work last week and had everyone stop by his cubicle to ask where they could get one. Amazing little goodies!

 Tess  11/1/2016


So, hubby said yesterday, we HAVE to find good desserts that's low carb, we have dinners down pat, but not desserts. I've seen these microwave single cake recipes for years, but yuck, cakes cooked in the microwave?? Doesn't even sound good. But pumpkin cake? Ok I'll try it. I tried it, used cream cheese icing. OMG!!!! Thanks for this recipe, looking for more - chocolate? Red velvet? Zuchinni...carrot cake????  You've created a monster. :)

 Rosie Cantrell  9/6/2015


This recipe sounds amazing! I would love to try it but my husband is allergic to tree nuts, so hazlenut or almond meal is out of the question. What Can I use as a substitute? Would coconut flour work? 

 Angela Friesen   12/26/2014


Hi Sandy and Terri, I’m soooo sorry for the late response. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. In any event, thanks for the kind words! Please let me know if you have any questions, moving forward. I’ve just moved and should be very close to stable. Things should be much smoother, moving forward … Thanks, again!

 DJ  11/25/2014


I just made one of these for lunch, and made a whole log of maple butter. Both were wonderful, and fantastic together. Thanks for this recipe and all the others you have posted. It's helpful to know what's been tried and what works. I also use your links to other low carb websites and have found more recipes then I'll ever be able to make. I also like the where to buy links...sometimes I'm not really sure what the ingredient is or looks like. Thanks again...I'm sure maintaining this website takes a lot of time.

 Sandy  11/3/2014


I made this for dessert this evening. It was fabulous!!! I've tried many of your recipes and they've all been great. Thanks for the wonderful recipes and your amusing comments. It's easier to follow a low-carb plan when you have so many meal choices! No room for boredom here!! Keep up the good work and thanks again!!

 Terri  10/13/2014


Hi Drea, the sweetener I typically recommend (Swerve sweetener) is actually lower on the glycemic index than Xyla, as well as most stevia blends. There are some pure stevia products that have even less impact on blood sugars than Swerve, but ... I'll take the miniscule hit to my blood sugars to avoid the bitter tastes I get from pure concentrated Stevia. That's just me, though. I suggest reading a bit more about Swerve to understand what it's made from and how it works. Additionally, I've written a huge series on sweeteners that goes into more depth about a wide variety of sweeteners, including several stevia products. I hope this info all helps! :)

 DJ  9/10/2014


why aren't you using a low carb sugar like Xyla or Stevia?

 Drea  9/6/2014


Go for it, Patricia McCoy! I'm personally not a huge fan of mixes, because ... you're locked in to that particular blend. I prefer to blend my own, but readily acknowledge that this is a common blend ... designed for pumpkins. It's SURE to be delicious! :)

 DJ  8/24/2014


Just wondering if I can use pumpkin spice instead of all the individual ingredient?

 Patricia McCoy  8/24/2014


I'm glad you enjoyed it, Kat! Thank you for the kind words! :D

 DJ  6/15/2014


I'm sorry. I also forgot! Thank you for all the awesome recipes you share!

 Kat  6/14/2014


I have been wanting to try this recipe since I signed up for LCAF. Finally completed it and it was awesome! I have trouble eating 1/2 now and 1/2 later....I used Heavy Whipped Cream and Maple Syrup rather than the butter though. If I could trust myself to freeze and eat later, I would make enough to use up entire can of pumpkin!

 Kat  6/14/2014


Hi Margaret, it's all good. Thanks for the kind words! I'm personally a huge fan of netrition. If you look at my "about these recipes" section, I believe I indicate that. When I first started this website, I had loads of links to netrition, but ... no one ever seemed to make any purchases. However, when I changed over to Amazon, people started making purchases. I don't know why this is, but I suspect it's because Amazon has a stellar reputation of good customer service, whereas Netrition is far more of an "unknown". For the most part, better deals will be found at Netrition, but ... sending people there was like sending people to a ghost town ... which does no one any good. Personally? I think they're a top-notch company, with great customer service, excellent prices and a great process for selecting their products. So ... GO NETRITION! Beyond that ... it's not that important to me where people pick up their ingredients, provided they actually do and start evolving their diets towards a healthier one. Thanks for chiming in! :)

 DJ  4/14/2014


I should have started my last comment with a thank you for sharing all these wonderful recipes- and for the inspiration to continue to make the right food choices. I copy so many of your recipes- Again, thank you!

 Margaret  4/14/2014


Please let your readers know about Netrition ( online) as a place to buy lots of low carb products. I appreciate the connection to Amazon, but if you only want 1 bottle of maple syrup from Walden, you can get just one bottle...

 Margaret  4/13/2014


I'm glad you liked it, Connie! Thanks for sharing your experience!

 DJ  4/1/2014


I just made this exactly as the recipe reads. I used almond flour as that is what I had. This is the first real treat that tastes like a dessert to me. I loved it. It is so big that I sliced it in half and am saving the other half for another time with a cup of hot tea. I plan on added a couple chopped nuts to the next batch. I also used only 1 tsp. butter mixed with 1 tsp. sugar free syrup melted together and it was plenty sweet and I like a lot of sweet flavor. By eating only half of it and cutting back on the topping I also cut out some of the calories even though calories are not a concern on low-carb.

 Connie  3/31/2014


Hi Kim. I’m sorry about the delay in my response. It’s not an easy question to answer! The reality is, the human race did well for a very long time without hazelnut flour, xanthan gum and xylitol. None of these are required ingredients. That said, people that have done low-carb for a while tend to accumulate a lot of these ingredients, over time. Much like most people have flour, bisquik, sugar, maple syrup and pancake mix … I’ve got coconut flour, almond flour, chia seeds, swerve and maple flavoring. It’s roughly equivalent in terms of needs, but … admittedly these other ingredients are harder to find, tend to be more expensive and have behaviors that take some time to adjust to. In the end, though, you get back things like pancakes, muffins, cookies, ice cream, French toast, etc. My suggest to you is to enter into it slowly and purchase ingredients over time. If you don’t have all of these ingredients, then … don’t worry about it! Maybe pick one ingredient that seems interesting and start there. Check out my website for the hazelnut crackers. That just uses one ingredient and the crackers are absolutely worth it! Then, over time as you see weird ingredients, do a little research, find an interesting recipe that uses it, buy it, play with it and … like most of us, you’ll find that in time your pantry of stocked goods looks quite a bit different! Please let me know if you have any specific questions. You somewhat asked about 20 fairly complicated all at once. I suggest stepping back and trying a recipe with less weird stuff in it. There are loads of them! Good luck!

 DJ  1/28/2014


Hi! I'm new to all this and I am quite confused about some of the ingredients! I don't want to spend a fortune on all these ingredients so I'm just wondering if for example I wanted to buy either the almond meal or flour, could I just buy one and use it even when the other is called for? What about the flaxseed - is there a substitute for that, or can it be omitted? I'm super confused with all these new sugars; xylitol and what's the others one? Then there's powders of them. Then swerve. Then Xantham gum! My head is spinning. Can I have advise on substitutions? If that's possible? I just don't want to go spend over $100 on these few ingredients... At least here at the beginning of the diet! THANKS!

 Kim  1/24/2014


I mix up a bunch of these at once - dry ingredients only. I put all the dry ingredients for each one in a baggie and label. Makes it so much easier in the morning to grab a bag, and egg, and the pumpkin. No muss, no fuss.

 Becky  1/10/2014


Hi DJ...I too was a fan of the OMM, but then my microwave blew up and I decided not to replace it for many reasons, and got myself a wonderful convection/toaster oven instead. I use the basics of the OMM recipe to make a larger batch which I bake in a 9"x9" pan and make a cake/square from it (30 min @ 350F). I used pumpkin and spices in one recipe, very similar to yours and it turned out wonderfully. My sweetener of choice is xylitol. I'm new to your blog and look forward to exploring recipes.

 Karen  11/26/2013


Hi Barbara! What I mean is ... really anything sweet will work. My recipes are designed as if they were with regular sugar. When I say "other", I mean that you can substitute your favorite, but that you'll need to figure out how much to use. Swerve, for example, is 1 to 1, and measures like sugar. Truvia, however, does not! For a cup of sugar equivalent, you'd need something closer to a 1/3rd of a cup of Truvia, because it's sweeter than sugar (read the box). For something like stevia, it's possible that just a 1/2 tsp would be enough for a full cup of sweetening power. This all comes down to reading the box and knowing how much to use ... Does this make sense?

 DJ  11/16/2013


I am totally new to being diabetic and love the idea of OMM's - my question is what do you mean by ""other sugar equivalent" in your recipes ? Can I use my Stevia packets or liquid Stevia? Hope you answer soon because I am hungry to try the Pumpkin Spice OMM !

 Barbara  11/16/2013


DJ--I've eaten several of your OMM recipes and have LOVED them all! I've eaten this particular flavor several times and will have another for dessert tonight. Sometimes I mix it up in a mug and refrigerate until morning. That way I can have a super quick breakfast before work. I nearly always have cream cheese frosting stored in the fridge and now have a maple butter "log" as well. :) Thank you for sharing like you do. It truly enhances the low carb WOE! BTW...thanks to Sheila for the suggestion about freezing. Great idea!

 dgidaho  9/26/2013


Thanks for the hint, Shiela!

 DJ  9/8/2013


DJ Just a hint here..... after loosing a can of pumpkin cause I forgot about it.......I now freeze the rest of the can in 2 TBS bloobs and keep in a freezer bag ready to go...... this is a great recipe and I thank you for all you do for all of us Low Carbers..

 sheila  9/4/2013


Hi Jan! Sorry! I had to Google that, too, at one point in time! It stands for "One-Minute-Muffin". This is a big concept within the low-carb world and it's OFTEN endlessly abbreviated to "OMM" ... occasionally to "MIM" (Muffin-Ina-Minute). Sorry for the confusion!

 DJ  8/28/2013


What does the OMM stand for on some of your receipes?

 Jan  8/28/2013