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Pesto Cream Sauce

Prep: 1 min | Cook: 19 mins | Total: 20 mins | Servings:4


Pesto Cream Sauce
Pesto Cream Sauce
Pesto Cream Sauce
There are very few things I love more than pesto. Pesto can only really be heightened by the addition of cream. Ohhhh ... cream. I often feel as if I could float through life on a green cloud of pesto cream. The bad news is, on occasion, I really try to!

The good news is, pesto cream is really really easy and it's really that good. The BAD news is, it's like a rock solid wall of calorie bomb. By and large, I don't count calories, but there are some foodstuffs which are so calorically dense, it becomes a bit irresponsible on my part not to point it out. This stuff is as good as it as genuinely fattening. Normally, I recommend fat and fat bombs, but ... within reason. The issue that I PERSONALLY have with pesto cream is that I could drink it from a lavish Goblet all day and never grow tired of it.

I add raw pesto cream to eggs before I scramble them. I add cooked pesto cream as a sauce to my eggs and frittatas. I LOVE it tossed with pasta or zoodles. I'll serve it as a side sauce with something simple like a chicken breast. Even though I've never actually poured myself a lavish Goblet of pesto cream, it's not for a lack of desire. I think it's the simple fact that a goblet of pesto cream sauce is only one step removed from a pesto cream sauce with BACON and ... I don't think I'm capable of handling that much personal bliss.

Portion Control: Recipe makes about 1 cup of sauce, for about 1/4 cup per serving. Any less and it just feels like a tease.

Portion Control (part II): This stuff can take over lives.

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IngredientsCaloriesFatProteinCarbsFiberSA'sNet Carbs
2/3 cup (159g)  basil pesto (recipe)1137.53119.7714.499.082.7306.35
1 1/3 cup (317g)  cream, heavy whipping1094.67117.336.679.33009.33
salt and fresh cracked pepper, to taste0000000
Totals (of 4 Servings):2232.2237.1g21.16g18.41g2.73g0g15.68g
Per Serving:558.0559.28g5.29g4.6g0.68g0g3.92g *


  1. Add the two ingredients to a pan and heat over medium heat.
  2. Once it simmers, turn to low heat and let it continue to simmer, reduce and thicken. You can make it quicker by cooking over high heat, but you need to watch it and stir it.
  3. When it's thick and gloopy, season to taste and then grab your lavish Goblet and dance a little jig! (Serve it)

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can you use milk and flour instead of whipping cream? 

 Stormy  4/10/2017


---Reply posted by DJ on 4/19/2017
Sure, but you're getting rid of the nourishing and satiating fat and replacing it with grain, sugar and starch ... causing a boost in blood sugar and a release of insulin.

Please tell me how to make exactly  this recipe into a soup . Or can I serve it as is as a soup and quadruple the ingrediests? It is...that good. 

 chiara  3/3/2017


I do not eat sweets. I wish there was an easy make low carb recipes for lunch and supper. Some finger food too!! It seems I can eat meat and vegetables but skip the rice, potato, stuffing all the stuff that fills and makes you feel good.....I am 57 years old and packing on some weight. I have stopped buying bread but miss it. I get confused what I can eat for my lunch and supper that is satisfying and also not too much for my stomach to handle.

 Kathleen Quinlan  2/1/2015


---Reply posted by DJ on 2/2/2015
Hi Kathleen, I just suggest spending some more time on my site, reading and absorbing everything you see. There is a lot of information here, including several hundred different recipes, of varying complexities, including some savory bread recipes. My best suggestion is to simply read and read and read and in time things will begin to make sense. That said, if you have a specific question, I'm always happy to help. Just let me know! :)

Are any of the above cookbooks available on ebook format?

 Brandi  1/9/2015


---Reply posted by DJ on 1/9/2015
Hi Brandi, no, unfortunately. I believe it's on their list of things to do, but ... it's not quite done. I'm personally working on a book, which WILL have an eBook version ... hopefully ready within about a month. I'm very close, now! :)

Shareen, did you just type that ... or did I?! ;)

 DJ  8/8/2014


Oh my goodness I make this waaaaaay more than I should. The first time I saw it was with your Creamy Pesto Chicken Primavera and I almost lost my mind it was so good. Confession: I use a pre-made jar of pesto sauce (Christopher Ranch out of Gilroy, CA). It only costs a few bucks and tastes great. Then even if I just make the sauce alone I always add some freshly grated parmesan cheese to it at the end and let that melt in. Seriously soooooo good. I'm drooling just thinking about it. Thanks so much for sharing all of these recipes.

 Shareen  8/6/2014


Dana, you understand my issue, then. This gets me in trouble more often than I care to admit! ;)

 DJ  7/14/2014


This was so good that it is seriously going to get me in trouble! Thank you so much.

 Dana  7/13/2014


Thank you, Cathy!! :) I'll keep 'em comin!

 DJ  9/14/2013


Love you, Love your Blog, I keep carbs at no more than 25 per day. Keep up the good work you do for us, I really look forward to your posts....Cathy

 Cathy S  9/14/2013