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Greasy Fried Pork Sandwich

Prep: 10 mins | Cook: 12 mins | Total: 20 mins | Servings:1


Greasy Fried Pork Sandwich
Greasy Fried Pork Sandwich
Greasy Fried Pork Sandwich
This one kind of makes me chuckle.

I low-carbed for years, without a functioning microwave. Thus, I'd never had a "one-minute muffin". I knew of them and completely respected their popularity, but I'd simply never had one. I had no way to make one! Finally, I moved into an apartment that had a functioning one. It finally occurred to me that I should give one a shot! I did! It was everything I'd ever hoped it would be and more! The first one I had was simple, with just a bit of sweetener and cinnamon. Heaven in a minute! I tinkered with it and finally made the cheddar rolls, which I used on sliders.

Then, one day, just sort of playing around, I had this desire for a deep and greasy, fried pork sandwich. I don't know why. I just wanted something wonderful and amazing, but that felt bad ... dirty ... wrong. What I came up with is nothing short of spectacular right! It's little more than a blend of basic square one-minute muffin, which is then split it half, loaded with a bit of ham and crispy bacon, and then dipped into an egg bath. From there, it's fried like French toast!

Note: Photos are taken with a side of sugar free jelly.


. .
Bread/MuffinCaloriesFatProteinCarbsFiberSA'sNet Carbs
2 tbsp (13g)  golden flaxseed meal (Buy Now) 604.534400
2 tbsp (14g)  almond meal (Buy Now) 807331.501.5
1 large (50g)  egg7256.5.5000.5
1 tsp (4.67g)  bacon fat or butter, melted33.333.6700000
1/2 tsp (2g)  baking powder (Buy Now) 2.500.5000.5
dash salt0000000
The Rest of the Fixin'sCaloriesFatProteinCarbsFiberSA'sNet Carbs
3 slices (84g)  deli ham136.927.5614.283.36.8402.52
3 slices (84g)  bacon, pre-cooked and crispy!28930000
1 large (50g)  egg7256.5.5000.5
2 tbsp (30g)  cream, heavy whipping102.6311.63.88000.88
1 tbsp (14g)  bacon fat or butter1001100000
salt and pepper, to taste0000000
Totals (of 1 Servings):687.3863.73g36.91g12.74g6.34g0g6.4g
Per Serving:687.3863.73g36.91g12.74g6.34g0g6.4g *


  1. In a flat bottomed glass or china bowl (preferably square and about the surface area of sandwich bread), mix the ingredients for your muffin. Microwave this for 60 to 90 seconds on high. Let the bread sit for a further 60 seconds. Remove from the microwave and slice into two halves (a top and a bottom).
  2. Line the bottom with ham and bacon. Place the top on the sandwich.
  3. In a separate bowl (I used a pie tin), whisk your egg and cream, with a little salt and pepper.
  4. Add your sandwich to the egg mixture and coat it evenly, flipping it over and pushing it into the egg mixture, so that the bread absorbs the egg, like a sponge. May take a few minutes, but just keep flipping it. Eventually, most of it gets absorbed and you have a nice egg coated sandwich.
  5. Heat a skillet or sauté pan over medium-low heat.
  6. Add your bacon fat or butter and swirl it around. Add your sandwich to the pan and allow it to turn golden brown on one side. Flip it and cook the other side. Turn the heat down to low and allow it to cook for about 4 to 6 minutes on either side, until it's cooked through.
  7. Cut into tasty pieces and eat!

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I think I'd add a tablespoon or two of pepper jack cheese to give this an extra kick. WOuld that change anything?

 Stacia  5/30/2015


---Reply posted by DJ on 5/30/2015
Go for it! Some small amount may leak out and fry in the pan, but I personally like this. I'd skip the jelly, though! ;)

Hey, Chef ... maybe try baking them in a cake pan. 350F until golden. Then, cut the "cake" into quarters and then split each quarter into two halfs, down the flatwise center. Make the sandwiches and fry. They'll be quarter-wedge shaped, but it'll work. I hope this helps!

 DJ  8/5/2014


Love the recipe but don't we don't use a microwave... Any other way of making this? Thanks for the recipe.

 Chef  8/3/2014


Perfect, Shiela! I'm glad you found an alternative. Nice way to sub it! ;) Thanks for the kind words!

 DJ  6/10/2014


i've been making your OMMs for a while now and thought i would let you know how much i appreciate your recipes. i made the bread for lunch but ran out of almond flour and flaxmeal, so i used coconut flour and added an extra egg. it worked out really well... so, thanks again!

 sheila  6/9/2014


Andrea ... don't forget the jam! ;)

 DJ  4/11/2014


I think I just died! This looks like my favorite old-way-of-eating sandwich - Bennigan's Monte Cristo! They served it with a little dusting of powdered sugar on top, so I may try that too. After all, the only thing better than BACON is BACON with SUGAR, right?

 Andrea  4/11/2014


Sure thing, Annie Love! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

 DJ  3/6/2014


I just made this for my breakfast (just with bacon), and it was terrific! Thank you for figuring this out for all of us to enjoy. :)

 Annie Love  3/5/2014


Totally understandable. I wasn't expecting you to re-make these and take pictures along the way. I also know my request was totally obnoxious. haha. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement. I have always enjoyed cooking but have largely stayed away from it due to laziness. (I need to hire someone to clean up the dishes afterward.) My new lifestyle requires me to cook all. the. time. I'm trying hard to not let the "requirement" to cook every day kill my love of it. So I'm going to take your advice and just go for it. If I mess up, you're right, I'll know what to do right next time. :)

 Heather  11/10/2013


Hi Heather! Thanks for the thought, although, having done somethng like what you're requesting during another job, in another life ... it's not easy! This is why so few other bloggers do it. It's hard to cook AND photograph yourself, while cooking! Then, there are all the extra photos to deal with, etc. It's tough! HOWEVER, I DO have plans to start doing videos, so that I can showcase certain tips and techniques. I haven't even purchased a camera, yet, but ... it's definitely on my list! Regarding these ... it's not that tough. Make the bread, split the bread in half and make a little sandwich. Then, dip the sandwich into an egg bath and fry it, like French Toast! In my mind, it's 1 ... 2 ... 3! I know that's not what it sounds like to you, but ... even if it looks like a sloppy mess when you're done, it's STILL going to taste good! Eat your mistake and learn from it! Don't be afraid to get into the kitchen and make mistakes. Throw a little smile at your humility and enjoy them! You'll get better and better, in no time! :D

 DJ  11/4/2013


I'm going to be that obnoxious person and suggest an addition to your blog. Is there any chance you could take photos along the way when you make more complicated recipes like this one? This looks fabulous and I'm eager to try it. But I'm a little concerned I'm going to do it wrong. Anyway, I just found your blog and I love it. I, like you, thought I was diabetic and was avoiding it. Unfortunately, I ended up in the ER in September (on an unrelated issue) and found out I was right. Since then I've been low carb and managing my blood sugar. I'm desperately trying to lose weight in hopes of reversing or at least improving my diabetes. Either way, I'm a huge foodie and being limited on what I can eat has been very difficult for me. So, I would call blogs like these "a god send" if I weren't an atheist. ;^) Thanks for all your work. I truly appreciate it.

 Heather  11/4/2013


Thankyou will give it a try and let you know

 Evelyn  5/1/2013


Hi Evelyn, unfortunately I'm a lover of eggs and haven't explored egg-free options. However, I DO know that you can use Chia seeds, in place of eggs, within baking. <a href="">Here's a page that talks about it</a>. So, in the case of the bread, I'd substitute 3 tbsp water and 1 tbsp chia meal. That should do the trick. Unfortunately, regarding the egg bath, my best recommendation would be to simply skip it and fry the sandwich in butter and/or bacon fat. It's not "quite" the same, but I have no doubt that it would still be a tasty sandwich ... and an egg-free one, to boot! I hope this helps!

 DJ  4/26/2013


Hi I do have a question for you, I have an egg allergy, can I use egg subsitute??

 Evelyn  4/26/2013


Awwww .... Thank you, Evelyn! Warms my heart! Please let me know if you ever have requests or ideas you'd like me to investigate ... :)

 DJ  4/19/2013


I love you DJ Foodie and all the things you do for us, Thank you Thank you!!

 Evelyn  4/19/2013


Hi Glenys, you can use standard flax meal. The behavior and taste will be the same, but the color will be a bit darker. Not to worry, though ... it'll still be just as tasty!

 DJ  4/17/2013


I can not wait to try this "bread" but I can't seem to find gold flaxseed in any stores around here. Is there something I could substitute that would change the colour or consistency too much?

 Glenys  4/17/2013


Hi Jen, well ... I have good news and I have bad news. The GOOD news is, I adjusted the nutrition from 1 carb per 1/2 tsp to 1/2 carb per 1/2 tsp. The bad news is, baking powder DOES have carbs. It's got about 1 carb per teaspoon. Where I realized an error was in the USDA database (it's FULL of them, unfortunately!). I tend to use <a href="" target="_blank"></a> to look at the USDA's nutrition. If you look up baking powder, it will state that 1/2 tsp has 1 carb. HOWEVER, if you look up 1 full teaspoon, it ALSO states 1 carb. Whoops! One is a full half of the other! Also, I just looked at the Bob's Red Mill baking powder and it states 1 carb per tsp. I halved it and stuck with it. So ... there ya go. I hope this helps!

 DJ  4/17/2013


Yikes! None of my calculators show 1/2 tsp baking powder as having any carbs! What brand do you use? Is this another item that has hidden carbs that I didn't realize?

 Jen Houck  4/17/2013