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Crepe Fettuccine with Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella and Pesto

Prep: 15 min | Cook: 5 mins | Total: 20 mins | Servings:4


Crepe Fettuccine with Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella and Pesto
Crepe Fettuccine with Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella and Pesto
Crepe Fettuccine with Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella and Pesto
Pasta! Ahhhh ... pasta. I don't know about you, but for me ... pasta. PASTA! Pasta was probably one of my personal biggest downfalls. It's easy to make, it lives in boxes in the cupboard ... seemingly forever, it's filling, comforting and delicious. It seems like the perfect food! Too bad it's got virtually no nutritional value and almost killed me!

Ahhhhh ... pasta.

I can't be alone in my relationship with pasta. Pasta would trump a sweet treat any day. Internally, it's all more or less doing the same thing ... insulin runs rampant telling my body to save all that glucose for the day that I awake in a land without food. It's a survival mechanism. Thanks for watching my back, extra glucose!

Mmmmm ... pasta.

I'm often asked about pasta. Sure there are "low-carb" pastas on the market, which are tasty, quick and easy, just like the real thing. Unfortunately, they are almost TOO close to the real thing and tend to cause nasty cravings and brain fog. There are also Miracle Noodles and Kelp Noodles, which are both great and absolutely perfect for a low-carb lifestyle, but ... they don't quite carry that same allure. They're both texturally different, require a bit of extra fanoodling and neither are terribly yum with a European style preparation. I just can't imagine crunchy seaweed noodles with a meaty Bolognese. *shudder*

Then, we get into Spaghetti Squash and Zoodles. Both are fantastic veggie side dishes and can be tasty with something like an Alfredo Sauce, but they still don't QUITE hit that same spot.

These little crepe noodles come about as close as I've come to a noodle which pulls from the flavors you give it. They have a wonderful texture (not as slide-y as a good noodle, but still quite nice!). They hold up well on the end of a fork, they can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes, they're super low-carb, and are just flat out delicious! Do they hit the same spot as a box of delicious horror? Nope! Not quite, but ... SOOOOO close!

Worth the effort. I promise you!

Note: The crepe recipe is a fantastic recipe. For a good year, I'd make a batch or two at the beginning of the week and just use the sheets for wraps, pasta, casseroles and desserts. I can't stress enough how versatile and awesome these crepes really are.

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IngredientsCaloriesFatProteinCarbsFiberSA'sNet Carbs
15 each (752g)  all purpose ricotta crepes (recipe)14048480120012
2 tbsp (28g)  olive oil2402400000
1 lb (454g)  assorted fresh cherry tomatoes, cut into halves and quarters82.3204.9917.464.99012.47
1/2 tsp (1g)  crushed red chili flakes3.
1/4 cup (96.5g)  Pesto alla Genovese (recipe)426.5844.9211.626.81.2606.55
1 lb (454g)  fresh mozzarella, removed from water and cubed (or use boconccini)112080800000
1/4 cup (25g)  parmesan (reggiano) cheese, grated107.757.259.51001
16 leaves (6.4g)  fresh basil1.
salt and fresh cracked pepper, to taste0000000
Totals (of 4 Servings):3385.3240.4g186.42g38.03g5.65g0g32.38g
Per Serving:846.3360.1g46.61g9.51g1.41g0g8.1g *


  1. Stack the crepes into little stacks of 4 or 5, then roll them into fairly tight little logs. Slice each crepe every 1/2-inch for something approximating a Fettuccine noodle. You could double that for something like a Pappardelle, or go much thinner for a Linguini, or... even an Angel Hair. Once cut, pick the noodles up and "fluff" them, so that they are a nice little pile of noodles. Set aside.
  2. Place a large sauté pan on the stove, over medium-high heat. Once hot, add the cherry tomatoes and chili flakes with a little bit of salt and pepper. Cook in the oil for about 1 minute.
  3. Add the pesto and noodles and toss to coat. Cook for about 1 minute.
  4. Add the fresh mozzarella and toss. Cook just long enough for the cheese to begin melting.
  5. Divide between 4 plates. Garnish with parmesan cheese and fresh basil. Serve!

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This is amazing!! I'm not on an egg fast per se but on a carb cycle where I need high protein days. Ive turned to egg fast recipes and this is by far my fav. I did 1 cup ricotta, 4 eggs and 1/2 cup whites for the crepes. 

Thanks for being so inventive with the almighty egg!! I love eggs but always nice to change it up

 Jessica  11/1/2016


The only pasta dish I miss is pasta carbonara. Have you tried that with these crepe noodles? 

 Dean  3/27/2015


---Reply posted by DJ on 3/28/2015
Hi Dean, I haven't, but ... I see no reason that those flavors wouldn't be absolutely delicious with this! Keep in mind that the texture is a bit different, but ... it's far from a bad thing. Just different. The tastes, combined with a solid Carbonara would be wonderful. Give it a shot!

Hi Steve, yep! The sweetener is completely optional. I have put all kinds of things in the crepes, from subtle cheeses to herbs, spices, chili flakes, etc. Many ways to go. The base ratio is just asking for flavor! :)

 DJ  8/28/2014


I had spaghetti last night (with your crepes) for the first time since going low-carb in May. I wish that I had re-read this page first since the sweetener was a little too much for spaghetti. Have you ever added garlic powder and/or oregano to the crepes when used with an Italian dish? The first crepe folded into an omelet shape when I tried to flip it. But turning up the heat a little combined with a little more patience eliminated the problem and the rest looked lovely. Thanks for all of your work here and on Facebook.

 Steve  8/26/2014


Sarah, the same was as in the recipe. There's no real "less" option, in my opinion. They're too soft to handle unless they're fully cooked. I hope this helps! :)

 DJ  4/11/2014


Hi there! Probably a silly question, but do you cook the crepes the same way as in your recipe and then cut them into noodles? Or a little less, etc.? Thanks!

 Sarah  4/10/2014


Hi Patti, it's not necessary. In fact, even when I'm using them for sweet things, I rarely use the sweetener. Usually I just make a big batch of savory crepes, wrap them up and then use them in a variety of ways, as various moods strike.

 DJ  2/18/2014


So - do you still use the sweetener when you are making the crepes for savory dishes? Just wondering if necessary?

 Patti  2/18/2014


Asz, I HAVEN'T!! That's the first I've seen of that particular recipe ... and I confess ... I'M INTRIGUED!!! I'm going to post it on my Facebook page, to see if anyone else has tried it, but ... that looks INCREDIBLY promising! Thank you for sharing!

 DJ  8/13/2013


Hi DJ! Have you seen this recipe - pasta made of eggs, philadelphia and psyllium husk? Very close to pasta :-) Very popular in Sweden, among all the LCHF people :-) (Use google translate :-) for this one)

 Asz  8/11/2013


Thank you, DJ Foodie, and bless you (for so many wonderful recipes and all you do, and also for a soon to come LC Chicken & "Dumplings" recipe!!) Would you happen to have a cream of chicken soup recipe up your sleeves? I've added ricotta to my grocery list! Thanks again! Alice

 Alice B.  8/3/2013


Hi Alice! No ... I'm sorry, but I don't believe this would puff up like a dumpling. However, they MAY make a decent chicken and noodle soup. I haven't tried it, but I'd be willing to bet it would be decent. A different texture, but I believe it would still be quite tasty! I DO have a chicken and dumplings recipe that I've cooked and am currently working on the recipe. I LOVED IT! It's not quite what I grew up on, but it's an excellent replacement! Sort of a cross between chicken and dumplings, with ... chicken pot pie. YUM! (Coming Soon!)

 DJ  8/3/2013


Hi Stephanie, I did make a lasagna with them. Check out the meat lovers' lasagna!

 DJ  8/3/2013


Could this crepe be used in Chicken & Dumplings? Would it puff up any I'd simmered in a stock? I saw a gorgeous looking C&D recipe the other day and have been trying to create it in my head as low carb since. Haven't tried your creeps hey, but they are high on the list! Great job, DJ Foodie! Again!! Alice

 Alice B  8/2/2013


This crepe recipe is truly amazing - I've used it for desserts, enchiladas, and lasagna so far. Would love to see casserole recipes with them!

 Stephanie  8/2/2013


oops, that question mark is supposed to be a smiley face.

 Sandi DeFalco  8/2/2013


This is great news DJ! I am so missing pasta, afterall that's what I was raised on. It's the Italian way, and nowadays the American way! I can't wait to try the noodles with the crepes recipe, it makes perfect sense! ? Sandi

 Sandi DeFalco  8/2/2013