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ChupaChorueso: Cheese Stuffed Cheese with Mexican Sausage

Prep: 10 mins | Cook: 10 mins | Total: 20 mins | Servings:1


ChupaChorueso: Cheese Stuffed Cheese with Mexican Sausage
ChupaChorueso: Cheese Stuffed Cheese with Mexican Sausage
ChupaChorueso: Cheese Stuffed Cheese with Mexican Sausage
A while back, I created some miniature parmesan cheese cups to use for little appetizers. Around the same time, I came up with an amazing hazelnut cracker. All this got the ball rolling on other things to do with cheese and bowls and chips and dips. I used this trend to look into the topic a little further and stumbled upon a video about a mythological creature known as the "ChupaQueso" ... or "Suck the Cheese" in Spanish. Now, the video is long and boring, but it DOES showcase the cooking method (Part 1 | Part 2).

The really strange part of this particular dish is that ... it's really not a real recipe! It's not indigenous to Mexico and it's not rooted in some lost culinary lore. It was actually invented by a guy named "Howard Tayler" with a web comic known as "Shlock Mercenary". It started as a bit of a gag word, designed to embody all things greasy and cheesey, but with a decidedly south of the border slant to it. It slowly evolved into this cheese crisp thing, as Mr. Tayler began to veer into the land of the low-carb, himself!

The ChupaQueso became a real thing. Fried cheese ... stuffed with cheese!

If something isn't totally my invention, I like to tinker, tweak and dabble, while still generally preserving the original integrity of the idea. In this case ... I wanted to take what is already a ludicrous concept and elevate it to the redonkulous!

I've stepped it up a notch and have thrown Chorizo into the mix ... dubbing the new invention the "ChupaChorueso" (pronounced "Choopa ChorAYso").

I couldn't stop giggling like a buffoon, as I made this silly thing. Cheese and chorizo stuffed cheese. It's about as indulgent a thing as I can imagine.


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IngredientsCaloriesFatProteinCarbsFiberSA'sNet Carbs
4 oz (113g)  cheddar cheese, grated451.2237.18281.38001.38
2 oz (56g)  hot pepper monterey jack cheese, grated22018122002
2 oz (56g)  queso fresco, crumbled199.3915.712.731.70001.7
4 oz (113g)  bulk chorizo, crumbled and cooked514.1542.9427.122.26002.26
Totals (of 1 Servings):1384.76113.82g79.85g7.34g0g0g7.34g
Per Serving:1384.76113.82g79.85g7.34g0g0g7.34g *


  1. Heat a large non-stick sauté pan over medium heat.
  2. Evenly sprinkle your grated cheese around the base of the pan.
  3. Depending on the size of your pan, you may need to occasionally adjust the pan over the burner, to ensure that it cooks evenly (this means moving the pan around the burner ... one side may cook quickly, so move the side that ISN'T cooking quickly over the center of the burner to catch it up, etc.)
  4. Continue to cook over low-medium heat. The cheese will melt and melt together. It will eventually begin to fry and darken.
  5. Once the cheese has a firm "crispy" look to it, but before it burns, sprinkle your queso fresco, pepper jack and cooked chorizo down the center, as if it were a racing stripe.
  6. With a heat resistant plastic spatula or wooden spatula, pry the edge of the cheese disc up, then loosen the entire thing from underneath.
  7. Fold the two flaps over the filling in the center and turn the heat down to very low. Cook for about 2 minutes.
  8. Flip the ChupaChorueso and cook for a further 2 or 3 minutes on the other side, or until the cheese filling has melted. Serve!

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Can you suggest a brand of chorizo sausage?   I used one that tasted really "mealy" for lack of better way to explain.  

 gthompson  12/9/2014


Hi Shell, I don't understand the question. The math is all accurate. What am I missing? Thanks! :)

 DJ  9/3/2014


The net carbs don't add up according to what is posted??? Did something get left out? Not picking on you, just curious! :)

 Shell  8/31/2014


Sounds awesome, Jday! Thanks for the little tip at the end! ;)

 DJ  7/7/2014


I used to make this basic thing but I added ingredients of a muffaletta for low carb Louisiana Treat. Folded my like a taco though. Put the The olive salad salad on at very last minute. Make sure it is drained well.

 Jday  7/7/2014


it makes me giggle maniacally when I eat a meal with 7 carbs... ALL FROM CHEESE. that's a dang lot of cheese :D lately most of my carbs are dairy carbs.

 Emma  7/6/2014


Lucky guy! :)

 DJ  7/6/2014


ooohh....turkey pepperoni and mozzarella instead of chorizo and pepper jack = pepperonie pizza "cheese"ilada! Going to try this! If I like, I'll spring it on my husband.

 unknown  7/6/2014


LOL! Yeah, Jen ... I can see this as being a bit indulgent, while also being AMAZING at the same time! I LOVED it when I made it, but it's a series wad of fat and protein. It's not light! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

 DJ  6/9/2014


Just made this for our Friday supper. OMGoodness this was wonderful. Can't indulge ver often but a definite keeper. Thank ou!!!!

 Jan  6/6/2014


Hi Jennifer ... yep! It's a full blown cheese indulgence, to say the least! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

 DJ  1/29/2014


This looks absolutely DELISH!!! Overly indulgent in cheese...why yes, yes I will!!!

 Jennifer  1/29/2014


Report back and let me know what you thought!

 DJ  8/19/2013


This sounds awesome and I WILL be trying these out soon :) As for the video', you weren't kidding, what a snoozefest! Informative though, I've fried cheese often and mine goes much quicker but either goes soggy quickly or tastes either too salty (the search for the perfect frying cheese continues) or tastes burnt-ish so I have now learned that I should be doing this WAY slower

 Nikki  8/17/2013


I'm on my way to buy cheese; maybe chorizo. Can't wait!

 Mona  4/27/2013