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I have been trying to follow the keto diet for a while.  I am successful for a while, then fall off the wagon.  I know in my heart that this is going to be what finally helps me lose the weight I need to and get healthy.  Your words have been an encouragement and your recipes a delight.  I have tried many of them.  I won't be without Smappy.  Both the regular and the baking one.  They are the only sugar substitutes that don't have what I call the "funk factor"  All the others have just a hint of a funky flavor be it while you are eating it or just after.  I hate that!  Smappy has none of it.  I also think the hazlenut crackers could be a favorite of mine, but I have realized through making them that I don't like rosemary.  Should I just leave it out or should I use something else instead?  If so, what should I try?  I am going to be successful in my weight loss efforts one of these days and you will have been a large part of that.  Thank you for your willingness to share!

 Nancy Whittaker  9/3/2018


Hi DJ, Thanks so much for all the great info! When you get a minute, do you have a recipe for any of the flavors you mentioned? I've searched the site for "salted brown butter" and couldn't find it.

 Kris  8/15/2018


---Reply posted by DJ on 8/16/2018

Hi Kris, I don't have all the flavors broken out.  I do have one ice cream post that goes deep into making ice cream, including loads of tips for making your own.  If memory serves, at the base of that post is a recipe for maple-brown butter ice cream.  Use that as a starting point and simply use your favorite sweetener, in place of the syrup.  You'll likely need to add a bit more cream/liquid to make up the lost volume.  Then, just add salt to the base, to taste.  I like mine pretty salty!  When all is done ... it's outstanding!  Although, the maple-brown butter is amazing, as well!  I hope this helps!

Hi. I just received my 2 cookbooks in today's mail.  I can't read fasts enough!  I am so impressed by the thorough descriptions & easy to understand narrative.  I don't think I have enough page flags for all the items I'm going to want to go back to reference again!  I cant wait to fix my first recipe.

 Barb   4/6/2018