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"Ingrid" had this to say:

I would like to make this as soon as I go to the store for more blackberries! I have been avoiding dairy for over a year now. Would I be able to substitute coconut cream for the heavy whipping cream? I notice a lot of your recipes have heavy cream, like the creamed spinach. I want to try that with coconut cream too. In general will coconut cream work in place of heavy whipping cream? 
---Reply posted by DJ on 5/28/2016
Hi Ingrid, coconut cream and dairy cream cannot always be used interchangeably. It depends on the recipe and often it depends on the coconut cream being used. Some are more fragile, than others. Coconut cream is very high in fat and can turn into essentially a pool of coconut water with coconut oil, floating in it (meaning, it'll separate). I DO think that this will work, but I am not positive. I have not tried it. I am less convinced it will work with the spinach and fear that it'll break. I also feel that the coconut flavor would be a bit too pronounced. That said, if you do this a lot, your tastes will change to accommodate the common coconut flavor. I am not sure if I answered your question ... I just know that coconut milk and cream CAN be fragile and can break. I hate to have you try something that SHOULD work, only to find yourself dealing with a big puddle of hot coconut oil. I think both CAN work, but tread carefully ...