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"Cat" had this to say:

I made these and omitted any sugar substitute except for a small squirt of liquid stevia into the wet dough mix and instead of a cinnamon sugar coating I dipped into a small dish of coconut whipped cream (omitting ANY sugar/sugar substitute). The reason it worked for me, since I've quit sugar for several weeks already, I think, is the coconut is naturally sweet so is the almond in almond flour naturally a little sweet. I liked the result! The crunchy outside and soft inside was satisfying and tasty, only I thought it took a little longer for the center to lose its moisture. But dipping in cool refrigerated coconut whipped cream with fresh grated cinnamon on top was satisfying on a lot of levels... creamy, cool, a hint of sweet and a little spice... mmmm. The recipe made 12 golf ball sized donuts. Yum!
---Reply posted by DJ on 2/5/2016
Awesome! Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm glad you enjoyed them! :-)