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"Sarah" had this to say:

Do we add raw chicken to the mixture or should we pre cook it?  Thank you in advance!
---Reply posted by Sarah on 9/1/2015
Thank you so much, yes that does help! I have a little bit of time so I am going to marinade the chicken and add some other veggies. :) I have your broccoli cheddar soup on the stove as I type this! Thank you for all of your amazing recipes and your extremely timely responses! Best wishes to you!
---Reply posted by DJ on 9/1/2015
Hi Sarah ... raw. I wanted something fairly simple and easy to throw together, which will all bake and cook together at the same time and taste great when it's done! It's not all going to be perfectly cooked and I'd do things differently if I really wanted to absolutely NAIL the flavors and textures in this dish, but given the quick preparation and ease for which this goes together, it's still a VERY solid little dish! I hope this helps! :)