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"cheryl" had this to say:

Oh and your story says makes 16 and each serving is 2. But in the recepie it says whole recepie is 8 and a serving is 1. Is the whole batch 8 or 16. . I could only get 8
---Reply posted by DJ on 6/16/2015
Ultimately, it comes down to how large you form them. You COULD just make one big churrito, or 24 little ones. Then, you'd divide the total number of servings by the total value of the macronutrients to get your totals. If you got eight, then ... you're in line with the numbers represented in the recipe, but it sounds like you scooped twice as much per churrito. There's nothing wrong with this, mind you. You'll have half as many churritos, but they'll be twice as big. Ultimately, it's all the same amount of batter, no matter how you slice it. Make sense?