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Guess I should have read the comments b4 making  for coconut milk I thought you meant the stuff in the carton you drink so I substituted cashew milk. They were ok. What difference would that make?  I expected the dough to be thicker. It was runny.  What is the issue lnsude suppose to be like when done? Mine where kinda moist in the middle but dryer on the edges. I also had a hard time getting there to be enough sugar/cinamon to cover all 8.  Probably won't Make again unless the cashew milk vs canned coconut milk would make a big difference
---Reply posted by DJ on 6/16/2015
Those beverages are really little more than flavored water. Coconut milk is thick and fatty, which would create a thicker batter and a more consistent fried vittle. The two are quite a bit different, behaviorally.