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"Kathleen" had this to say:

Can I use all almond flour instead of using coconut flour?  And can I use xanthan gum or guar gum instead of tapioca flour?
---Reply posted by Kathleen on 7/1/2015
Not a problem at all - your response time to a post is incredibly quick and I appreciate it - and all (well, most) of your yummy recipes! Thank you!!
---Reply posted by DJ on 7/1/2015
Hi Kathleen ... OOOOOPSS!!! Yes, fresh whole and COLD!! NOT melted. That's a typo! (A long story, but basically I do A LOT of copying and pasting when I build my little recipe grids and every once in a while a little extra "blip" like "melted" slips in, unnoticed). Yes, cold little cubes. Disregard the melted aspect. That's incorrect. Good catch and ... SORRY! :/
---Reply posted by Kathleen on 7/1/2015
Hi DJ! I finally got around to buying the tapioca flour... now I have another quandary! The ingredient list for the biscuit dough says 1/2 cup butter, melted. The method says to cut in the chilled butter cubes until the cubes are about the size of peas. So.... melted or chilled?
---Reply posted by DJ on 5/30/2015
Sure thing! I actually understand the reluctance to use coconut flour for this. I LOVE coconut flour in sweet things, but for a savory dish with cheese and broccoli ... it does seem odd. I've seen a lot of recipes that go there, anyway and they ALL turn me off. However, in this instance, it's a very small percentage of the whole and is really just there for the physical properties it brings to the table. The flavor is completely masked by the others. In this case ... there's nothing to worry about. Yes, I think you can feel ok about the tapioca purchase. I find I use it. I don't use it A LOT, but I do use it. I've definitely gone through more than one bag of it, that's for sure. Good luck with it! :)
---Reply posted by Kathleen on 5/30/2015
Thank you! I asked because I'm not fond of coconut flour, but maybe since there's more almond flour it will hide the "coconutty" taste (I only like the flavor of coconut in my Almond Joy!). And I will have to add tapioca flour to my shopping list!
---Reply posted by DJ on 5/30/2015
Hi Kathleen, I really don't know. My guess is that you'll wind up with something crumbly, which when baked will likely taste fine, but will be behaviorally different than what I'm presenting. In both instances, you're not really exchanging ingredients that can be swapped for the other. For example, almond meal can be exchanged for most other nut meals, like hazelnut, pecan, sunflower seed, etc. Coconut flour has no equal, that I'm aware of. It's got very unique properties. Tapioca flour can work as a very nice thickener, much like guar and xanthan can, but in this instance, we're not really looking for the thickening property, so much as we're looking for the bit of glue that the starch contains. So, in this case, they're not very interchangeable. You could swap for something like arrowroot or corn starch, though. Adding a bit of xanthan to the mix might not be a bad idea, though ... as it tends to behave a bit like gluten in baked goods, but ... I have tried this recipe without that bit of starch and it just crumbles. I believe it needs it. In any event, I hope I've said something useful for you. I hope something helps! :)