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"Craig" had this to say:

Yours is a very inspiring story! Thank you for sharing! BTW, I was wondering is excersize helped remedy loose skin affter the weight loss any? Also I signed up for your email recipes at the top of your page about a week ago and have not received an email yet, can you confirm I am on the list? Thank you very much. Best regards, & congratulations on your transformation!


---Reply posted by DJ on 2/16/2015
Hi Craig, thanks! I appreciate it! Regarding the emails ... I've confirmed you're on the list. I'm 99% of the way completed with a book. Trying to blog and do the book was killing me, so I opted to stop and simply focus on the book ... get it done ... then return to regular blogging. I'm very optimistic it'll be within the next few weeks. SOOOO close! Regarding exercise ... Exercise can help, sure. It tends to make us younger, which will tighten skin (somewhat). Additionally, muscle can help fill up some of that saggy skin. Time will also help. There are other techniques, like ... "skin brushing" which is purported to help. There are also supplements which are supposed to increase the production of collagen. Exercise helps, but ... each of these other things will also help. Ultimately, however ... depending on your case ... some damage may be irreversible. I know that in my case, I've got extra skin ... and will likely always have it, unless I get it removed. I'm nowhere near that place, but ... I'm aware that surgical options exist. In any event ... welcome, thank you, sorry for the delay and ... I hope this helps! :)