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"Sheila" had this to say:

I made this twice in a 10 day period and put on 2lbs... Think maybe I'll make this once a year....
---Reply posted by DJ on 2/13/2015
Hi Sheila, well ... I'm sorry to hear it! Weight does fluctuate. This is designed more to help curb appetite. It's a small little blast of fat designed to get ride of cravings. Plus, the fat has other benefits, but that's the primary reason for this (plus it just tastes good). In any event, fat is calorically dense. If your weight is stable and then you add one of these every day, eating more than 1 serving per day ... you will gain weight. All this said ... it could be exercise, a bit of extra salt in the diet that week (water retention), etc. It could also be this. Additionally, some people pop in without fully understanding low-carb ideas and combine this with ... cake and pasta. That would be an absolute disaster. In no way am I suggesting this was you, but ... you didn't leave much to go on. Lots of people read these comments, so I'm just posting some helpful info for them .. as well as you. Again, sorry you believe this backfired on you. It's a good tool for many! :)