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"Steve" had this to say:

Do you guys ever sell these books in a discount bundle? I bought what I thought was a bundle of low carbing among friends but ended up with splended low carbing. A link at the bottom of your order form on the web site. My fault for not looking closer but I think that link should be removed or make it obvious to the buyer its not low carbing among friends but jenifer. So anyway is there a bundle of low carbing amongst friends? 
---Reply posted by DJ on 2/8/2015
Hi Steve, unfortunately, I do not know the answer to this question. I am not the publisher and am unclear how the books are sold. I suggest asking on the LCAF's Facebook page or the website. There is a "Contact us" button on their website. You could send an email to learn more. I am sorry you didn't get what you were looking for! Hopefully they'll understand and be willing to trade. Good luck with it!