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"Kelly" had this to say:

I double this and instead of sweetner I used sugar free strawberry jello it was exallent then I put them in the freezer !
---Reply posted by DJ on 10/1/2017
Hi Amanda, Kelly's comment is several years old. I doubt she even remembers she made it! That said, I might suggest skipping the sugar-free puddings. They're tasty and they ARE sugar-free, but they use some bizarre starches to thicken them up. It's one of the foods I often see stalling people out. It's frustrating because it's so tasty and easy, but beware ... it could very easily stall you. Especially with the extra fat ... carbs and fat taste wonderful, but are a super unhealthy combo. One or the other ... And, I suggest skipping the carbs. I hope this helps! :-)
---Reply posted by Amanda on 10/1/2017
Do you think this would work the same with a sugar free pudding instead of jell-o? And did you use just one packet of the jell-o, or a half a cup (equal to the amount of sugar substitute)?
---Reply posted by DJ on 2/7/2015
This sounds like an excellent idea! Out of curiosity, because you don't heat it ... does the Jell-O set, or is it just more about the taste and sweetening power? Thanks! :)