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"Dean" had this to say:

Two questions: Do you beat the egg before adding to the mixture?  Would using the food processor affect the end product? I find stirring thick stuff challenging sometimes.

I can hardly wait to try these; plan on making them for our lazy weekend brunch. My partner is giving two thumbs up! He has really liked all the recipes of your's I've made. 

---Reply posted by DJ on 2/2/2015
I'm glad you enjoyed them! I'm personally a big fan of the ice cream scoop. Small perfect balls, released just above the surface of the oil, then ... click the trigger and the ball will gently drop into the hot fat. That's really about it! Beyond that ... I am finding that this is a tricky world. People can rely on flour and sugar to be more or less consistent (although, professional bakers can tell the difference in things like minute water content differences in different bags of flour, for example). However, within the landscape of low-carb/paleo, all these ingredients are relatively new and still finding their way. They are not fully standardized, so air, moisture, grind, fat content, etc,. all vary from brand to brand. This can lead to some issues ... and I'm honestly never sure what to do about that. I can specify brand names, but ... it may very well work with your brand, etc. It's a pickle. We're on the front lines, I suppose you could say ... I think we can expect some casualties ... In any event, it does sound like you enjoyed them ... so ... not TOO terrible, I hope! ;)
---Reply posted by Dean on 2/2/2015
These were very good, though mine didn't look as neat and uniform as yours. Is there a particular way you do them? Also, I had to add some more coconut flour to get the thickening needed. Brands must vary. Tasted great.
---Reply posted by DJ on 1/29/2015
I'm relatively certain that any recipe calling for coconut milk means the stuff in the can. I HAVE seen recipes that reference the beverage in the cartons, but it was specific in mentioning them. While I think that's a big (yet solid) generalization, it's definitely true in the case of my recipes. I hope that helps! :)
---Reply posted by Dean on 1/29/2015
As to coconut milk, I have two kinds, the canned organic Thai Kitchens type, and the more milk like So Delicious in a carton with more water in it. Which type did you use?
---Reply posted by DJ on 1/26/2015
Hiya Dean! Thanks for the kind words! I don't think it matters whether you whisk the egg beforehand, or not. It'll be mixed into the dough well enough for it not to matter. Regarding a food processor ... I would use an electric mixer, or something like a kitchen aid with the paddle. A food processor (assuming we're talking about the same thing) would basically puree the contents. This can be ok in moderation, but a full minute in a food processor, with the blade spinning around ... I hesitate to suggest this might work. It MIGHT, but ... my gut says it'll do funny things to the dough. Does this help? I'm glad this is all workin' for ya! :)