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"DJ" had this to say:

LOL!! Thank you for the kind words, Robin! I’m so sorry for the delay in my response, but … as I’m sure you know, I’ve been moving … which has been a bit of a pickle. That’s wonderful that you’re sneaking some low-carb food into your menus. I think well done food … is just well done food! It doesn’t much matter what the underlying philosophy is. With a healthy enough blend of ideas, one could eat “low-carb” all day, every day, know it’s good food … and never once be the wiser! ;) Books … on their way! :D<br /><br /> Glad you liked it, Lora! <br /><br /> Nutmeg, Yep! I see no reason you couldn’t use your blackberries. If you’ve been freezing them, just toss them into the batter frozen. They’ll warm up and cook. There’s really nothing I can think of that will prevent them from softening and leaking a bit, as they cook. Starting frozen is about the best bet, but they’re still going to soften and bleed, but … they’ll also taste quite nice!