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"Robin Goodnight" had this to say:

DJ! This looks so yummy!!!! I think I will try it out with Blueberries, (hubby cant have anything with a lot of seeds due to diverticulitis :( So I tweak some things just for him to enjoy! As you know (or maybe not, I know you have a tons of people you chat with on a daily basis, BUT I have said in the past that I have saved everything I try from your site, and some others that you point us to, face book as well, which means I have started you a cookbook in my house! My family is always asking "So what does DJ have you cooking today?" :)As well as I have put some of this flare into my job at the local café, But shh don't tell, they would never guess that today's special is All LOW CARB! :)I can not wait to be able to buy your real cookbook!! Nor can I wait for that darn ice cream one!! Again thanks for all you share with us! I've enjoyed getting to know you though your awesome recipes/blog! Many blessing to you as you head back down to Mexico!