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"Abby" had this to say:

I was super excited to try this recipe, I've made a few of your other recipes and they are amazing! My attempts may not always look like yours (my mock Danish didn't look anything remotely like yours the first time I made it, but it was so good and I've gotten the hang of the cream cheese/egg mixing now lol) but the flavors of what I've tried have not disappointed! That being said, I made these this morning and ugh...epic failure! Not because of your recipe, the blame lies completely with me. At first my oil was too hot. I'm not very fast at putting ingredients together I guess. Then when I fixed that, my batter just kinda oozed and the outside was a beautiful golden brown but the inside was still pretty wet. I'm still new to the cooking and baking with almond flour and coconut flour thing so I haven't developed tips and tricks with them like regular cooking. Oh well. What I did manage to taste before throwing my wannabe churritos in the trash was absolutely delicious! They really did taste like a churro, I just messed up the cooking part. I'll probably try again when I've gotten a little more experience with the flours under my belt haha. Thank you for all of your time spent making and posting these recipes, I love having so many options!
---Reply posted by DJ on 1/15/2015
Hi Shiela, the goal is to bring the oil up to 350F and leave it there. It's not to turn it all the way up and then fry stuff when it's hot enough. That can actually lead to even more problems. The goal is to control the temperature, never burn it and to keep it consistent. With a thermometer and some extra attention, this can (and should be) achieved. I hope this helps!
---Reply posted by Shiela on 1/15/2015
Abby, you probably don't need to heat the oil until just before you're ready to fry. Doing so at the very beginning as suggested in the recipe is not a good thing, and overheated oil will not only burn your food, but put at risk for a kitchen fire.