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"DJ" had this to say:

Hi Mitzi, Swerve will never dissolve if it’s in too high a concentration. This recipe pre-dates my knowledge of Swerve and will actually stay gritty. Too high a concentration of any erythritol based sweetener will never dissolve, unless heated, but … it will crystallize when it cools. So … the tip is to simply use less. You felt it was too sweet, so maybe cut it in half and taste it. Also, give it time to dissolve. Erythritol takes longer to dissolve. Also, if you’re using the granular swerve, you may want to stick it in a coffee grinder to powder it, first. This also helps. I never buy the granular stuff, any longer .. there’s simply no point to it. I only ever use the powdered. I am sorry for the crunch. I hope this helps! Ah, finally … if you add half the swerve and it’s still not sweet enough, but it does dissolve, you can add a touch more, or … use something like a concentrated sweetener to pick up the slack … like a liquid stevia, monk fruit or sucralose sweetener … one or two drops and PERFECT! I hope this helps! <br /><br /> Mary … YUM! Sounds delicious! :)