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"DJ" had this to say:

Hi Therese, yes, as you stick with this, you'll need less and less insulin. Keep at it and learn more and more and reduce hidden carbs, etc. Eventually you may be able to completely get rid of the "fat storing hormone" insulin, at which point true weight loss can begin. It's different for everyone, but it's fairly common. Stick with it and you'll continue seeing benefits. They typically come slower than we'd all like, but ... it took YEARS to get where we are. It seems only reasonable to take some time to fix. In any event, my first experiments with coconut flour were also disasters. So much so, that I swore it off, thinking it was just a big waste. I didn't touch it for about a year. Then, I read something somewhere that was like a simple muffin recipe and it has something like 1 tbsp of coconut flour and 1 egg. It seemed like such a tiny amount, but ... I had it, I was bored and I gave it a shot. WOW! It was WONDERFUL! Coconut flour is "hungry". It absorbs moisture and expands ... so ... my little trick is "less is more". I've found that a small amount goes a long way. It's not like typical flour ... so it can't really be used like that ... epic fails will ensue. Less ... is more. I hope this helps! :)