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"DJ" had this to say:

Hi Rosemary, thank you for the kind words! I suppose it just comes down to familiarity. I started working in restaurants at about 14 years old. Restaurants don't really deal in iron skillets ... probably for a few reasons. They're heavy, clunky and tend to have squared off bottoms. A lighter pan, that heats quickly, with curved edges and allows for easy pick up and movement makes more sense for that kind of environment. As a result, I'm VERY well tuned to the behavior of saute pans and can handle many of them, doing a variety of different things ... all at the same time. I've VERY rarely used iron in my career. While I understand some of the benefits, I just don't have a lot of experience with them ... and my preferences and familiarities lie elsewhere. I think a lot just comes down to my own personal life experiences, I guess ... Does this help?