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"DJ" had this to say:

Hi Ophelia! Sorry about the delay. Have you tried the crackers, yet? They’re FANTASTIC! Regarding the papadums … I’ve eaten LOADS of them in my life. I LOVE those things! Typically I’ve eaten the fried, but have had them baked and they are WONDERFUL! I haven’t had them since I’ve transitioned to low-carb. They’re only about 2 carbs per papadum, but … I can’t imagine eating only one. I’d eat ALL of them! They’re SOOO good! Regarding the fat … I don’t fear fat and actually think there are some really great fats out there. We need fat, so fat content is never a concern for me. The fact that they’re chick peas might be a bigger concern for me … being a legume … but it’s not a huge factor. Mostly … it’s just portion control. Tough to eat a small amount of those tasty things! ;)