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Hi Unknown, it's true! Especially first pressed extra virgin olive oils. They have a very low smoke point. This is actually a whole mess of a complicated subject, simply because most olive oil on the shelves ... isn't even really olive oil! So, the smoke point is higher than what you might read in a book. That said ... it's not the healthiest oil, either! I do a lot of cooking with bacon fat, frankly. In this case, I also do a blend of fats. The precise thought process, as written, was to use butter for flavor and bacon fat to increase the smoke point of the butter, making it harder to burn (butter burns at a low temperature). I also suggest adding the ingredients to the fat "quickly" before the oil has a chance to burn and denature. Once the ingredients are coated with the fat, the ingredients help keep the fat cooler than you might think. The reason I list olive oil is because I assume everyone has a bottle of it and it's a simple solution, without the need to get into the whole topic of "what's really IN that bottle, anyway?!?"