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"DJ" had this to say:

Hi Anita, I'm never happy with non-stick pans. The best set of pans I owned was a set made by All-Clad. They're not "non-stick", but ... if used properly, nothing really sticks to them. They're just really well made and almost indestructable. I lost them during a move and haven't pulled together enough money to buy a new set. Instead, I tend to just go through cheap pans and burn them out. I've gotten some life out of T-Fal pans, but they tend to warp fairly quickly (I cook at REALLY high heats). Currently, I've got a huge Winco pan that seems very thick and solid, but I've already damaged the teflon with my metal tongs. I also recently bought a set of NEOFLAM pans, which I've been treating like babies. I wipe them out with a clean towel, never touch them to soapy water and wrap them in towels before putting away. Only wood and rubber can touch them. I haven't had them long, but so far so good! I'm actually really quite happy with them, so far! Sorry I don't have a great answer for you. I tend to beat my pans to death. Only All-Clad has really lived up to my abuse!