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"DJ" had this to say:

Hi Barbara, it's not that I didn't like it. I actually thought it was really cool when I first got it. I just found that I always gravitated towards my standard mandoline. The spirooli just sat, collecting dust. Finally, I took it into my chef job, where it was used for a specific dish. Then, the dish came off the menu and the spirooli once again sat and collected dust. I later wanted to use it again, and found it had been thrown away. I never replaced it. I really do see things like zoodles as a vehicle for sauce and VERY often will do as you've suggested and just make the sauce. Although, I'll tend to make it less "saucy" and have the same flavors, but without as much liquid. Alternately, I'll make it like soup and ... call it soup! :) Thanks for the comment!