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Hot and Spicy Macadamias

Prep: 15 min | Cook: 5 hr | Total: 20 min | Servings:16


Hot and Spicy Macadamias
Hot and Spicy Macadamias
Hot and Spicy Macadamias
These hot and spicy macadamias came to be because I was trying to think of safe tasty treats to have lying around for a festive get together. This really fit the bill!

They don't need refrigeration, so they can just "sit around". They don't need sticks or toothpicks. They're not particularly sloppy (although napkins would help, the red spices do stick to finger tips), and they don't need a lot of garnish or fuss. They're even really super easy to make! Just toast, toss with a little butter in a pan, throw in your spices and lemon juice ... toss, toss, toss ... DONE!

These are a hot and spicy, with a slight exotic twist and a tart finish ... thanks to the cumin and lemon. I'm not a huge fan of nuts, as a general rule, but ... these things were addictive!

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IngredientsCaloriesFatProteinCarbsFiberSA'sNet Carbs
4 cups (536g)  macadamia nuts, raw3848408447648028
1 each (108g)  lemon7.630.132.63.1302.5
1 tbsp (7g)  smoked paprika20.23.911.053.922.5901.33
1 tbsp (5g)  cayenne pepper17113102
1 tbsp (18g)  salt0000000
1 tsp (2g)  cumin seed, ground7.5.440.88.2200.66
2 tbsp (28g)  unsalted butter2002200000
Totals (of 16 Servings):4100.36432.35g46.18g86.43g51.94g0g34.49g
Per Serving:256.2727.02g2.89g5.4g3.25g0g2.16g *


  1. Pre-heat oven to 350° F.
  2. Place macadamias on a baking tray and place into the oven for 10 to 12 minutes, or until toasted.
  3. Set up a nice "landing vessel" consisting of a large plate or platter, covered with paper towels. This will later catch the hot macadamias and absorb any extra fat, while they cool. Set this aside.
  4. Use a zester or the fine side of a cheese grater to zest the outside of the lemon (just remove the yellow layer, not the white part)
  5. Juice the lemon, and set the juice aside.
  6. In a bowl, blend the smoked paprika, cayenne, salt and cumin. Add your lemon zest to the spices and blend in.
  7. Place a large sauté pan on the stove, over medium-high heat. Get it hot.
  8. Once your macadamia nuts are toasted, remove from the oven and add to the hot pan.
  9. Immediately add your butter to the pan and sauté until the butter is melted. It may brown a little. This is a good thing.
  10. Spread your spice mix over the nuts and toss to evenly distribute the spices around the nuts.
  11. Add your lemon juice and quickly toss, until the "sizzle" has stopped (all the water has evaporated ... you want this process hot!).
  12. Once the nuts are covered and the lemon juice has evaporated, evenly layer your macadamia nuts on the paper towels. You want them one layer thick. If they are piled, they will trap hot air and water vapor between them, where they will steam and won't get as nice of a crunch.
  13. Once they've completely cooled ... serve!

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Sounds so good and perfect for a Christmas present for a friend who likes spicy foods! But I wondered how long they would stay fresh especially after cooking in lemon juice? Thanks!

 Deanna  10/7/2016


---Reply posted by DJ on 10/8/2016
Hi Deanna, I honestly don't know. In general, the fats in macadamia nuts can go rancid fairly quickly. I wouldn't imagine more than week or two. Maybe if you vacuum packed them, they would last a GOOD while longer. Is this an option?

Hi! Do you have a recipe for a sweet spicy nut? Like with cinnamon, etc. My hubby doesn't care for hot spicy ??

 Laurie  7/9/2015


Julie, I haven't!  For all tends and purposes, this is just a coating and would work for any nut.  That said, it's a strong flavor and was designed for a larger, smooth nut.  If you were to use a small nut, or a nut with loads of nooks and crannies, you'll wind up with an enormous amount of flavor, per nut!  That's not necessarily a bad thing ... just expect and twinge more oomph! ;)

 DJ  1/12/2015


Hello, have you tried other nuts like walnuts or pecans? Just wondering if there is the same results. These look great! 

 Julie  1/12/2015


Toni ... it doesn't surprise me that they didn't last long. ;) I'm glad you're enjoying the recipes. Please let me know if you've got any questions! :)

 DJ  8/15/2014


P.S. DJ, Your recipes are entirely awesome!

 Toni  8/14/2014


My sister and I made these and ate them ALL in a very few days. INCREDIBLY GOOD!

 Toni  8/14/2014


That would be an exercise in precision and patience, if you ask me! Do you use chopsticks to do it, Anita? ;) Sounds yummy! :)

 DJ  5/23/2014


---Reply posted by DJ on 3/5/2015
Hi Robin, they are grown in a shell, but I don't believe I have ever even seen them sold in the shell. The shell has been removed in just about every instance of them being sold, that I've ever seen. Maybe they can be found in the shell, but ... I've never seen it.
---Reply posted by Robin on 3/3/2015
i have not had a lot of dealings with macadamia nuts. I know they come in a shell. Are you doing this in shell or can you buy without???

Nice!!! I will have to try this. I've been on a kick lately where I'm dipping my peanuts in siracha - yes, very messy, but oh so yummy!!!

 anita  5/22/2014


---Reply posted by Ken on 6/23/2015
You can buy macadamia nuts in the shell in Australia but they have a very thick, round, hard shell which needs a special device to crack them, Or a vice in your shed! They are so hard. Better to buy them already shelled.