Butternut and Chayote Hash

Prep: 10 mins / Cook: 30 mins / Total: 40 mins / Servings: 12

IngredientsCaloriesFatProteinCarbsFiberSA'sNet Carbs
1 medium sized (681g)  butternut squash (mine was 2 lbs. (908 g)306.45.496.8179.7713.62066.15
2 tbsp (28g)  fat (lard, bacon fat, ghee, coconut oil)2002200000
2 medium (406g)  chayote squashes77.2.63.418.47011.4
1 medium (110g)  red onion440110208
4 each (12g)  garlic cloves16004004
1 cup (99g)  pecan halves684719141004
2 tsp (2g)  chopped fresh Mexican oregano2.
salt and pepper, to taste0000000
Per Serving:110.817.84g1.69g10.55g2.74g0g7.81g *


  1. Place a large 12-inch sauté pan (or two standard sauté pans) on the stove over high heat.
  2. Peel and seed the butternut squash. Cut the flesh into 1/2-inch (1cm) cubes.
  3. Add the fat to the hot pan(s) and swirl around to coat the bottom.
  4. Before the fat burns, quickly add your butternut squash to the pans. Season with a bit of salt and pepper, then toss to coat the veggie with the fat. Then, wiggle the pan and make sure the veggies are one even layer on the bottom of the pan. Turn the heat to medium-high. Don’t let them burn, but don’t play with the pan too often, either. It cools the pan down. Roughly every 3 minutes, toss the butternut squash around the pan, then form a new single layer. This should help each side of each cube pick up a little color from the pan.
  5. While the butternut cooks, peel and remove the pit from the two chayote squashes. Cut the flesh into 1/2-inch (1cm) cubes.
  6. After roughly 9 minutes with the butternut squash in the pan, add the chayote to the pan(s). Season with a bit of salt and pepper, then toss to coat the veggies with the fat and other veggies. Then, wiggle the pan and do your best to make sure the veggies are one even layer on the bottom of the pan. At this point, some of the time, I actually lean some portion of the food in one layer along the sides of the pan. Continue tossing the veggies every approximate 3 minutes.
  7. While the veggies cook, dice the red onion. Set aside.
  8. Chop the garlic. Set aside.
  9. After about 9 more minutes with the chayote butternut mix, sprinkle the onions and garlic over the top. Season with a bit more salt and pepper. Then toss the veggies, then wiggle the pan and try and form an even layer along the bottom. Continue tossing about every 3 minutes.
  10. Chop the pecans. Set aside.
  11. After about 9 more minutes, add the chopped pecans, toss and cook for 3 more minutes.
  12. Finally add some chopped herbs, toss, taste, adjust seasoning and serve!