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Monte Cristo (Fried Ham, Turkey and Cheese Sandwich)

Prep: 10 min | Cook: 10 min | Total: 20 min | Servings:2


Monte Cristo (Fried Ham, Turkey and Cheese Sandwich)
Monte Cristo (Fried Ham, Turkey and Cheese Sandwich)
Monte Cristo (Fried Ham, Turkey and Cheese Sandwich)
Imagine crossing a slice of Toast with Butter and Raspberry Jam, with ... French Toast. Sounds pretty good, right? A warm, sweet and inviting way to start the day.

Now, imagine crossing that idea with ... a Ham and Cheese Sandwich! BWHAA?!

I had my first Monte Cristo at a tiny Bistro-ette, in Santa Monica, CA about ... 10 years ago. I'd never even heard of it, but ... there it was ... on the menu and ... it called to me. I ordered it, ate it and ... promptly ordered another one! It's satisfying in a way that transcends French Toast ... or a Ham Sandwich. It's a bizarre combination, but it's strangely delicious, from a variety of angles!

Now, take all these ideas and know that ... this is one of the meals you can eat while leading a low carb way of life! WOW! ... right?!

Note: Just about any low carb bread should do the trick. Just make sure that the bread has absorbed a decent portion of the egg mixture, prior to frying. Also, just about any flavor jam will work. Orange marmalade might be interesting, as would strawberry, blackberry, currant, fig, etc.

Photo Note: I used powdered erythritol in the photos.

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IngredientsCaloriesFatProteinCarbsFiberSA'sNet Carbs
4 slices (234.27g)  low carb bread (recipe)545.92182.242.7139.8532.3907.46
4 slices (112g)  gruyere or emmentaler cheese462.4936.2433.6.66000.66
4 slices (112g)  turkey1122.2420.162.24002.24
4 slices (112g)  ham182.5610.0819.044.481.1203.36
2 large (100g)  whole eggs14310131001
1/4 cup (59.5g)  cream, heavy whipping205.25221.251.75001.75
2 tbsp (28g)  unsalted butter2002200000
1/4 cup (68g)  sugar free jam, jelly or marmalade200012084
1 tbsp (12g)  powdered sugar equivalent0001010
Totals (of 2 Servings):1871.22284.76g129.76g62.98g33.51g9g20.47g
Per Serving:935.61142.38g64.88g31.49g16.76g4.5g10.24g *


  1. Lay two slices of bread, slide by sound, on your counter top.
  2. Add a slice of cheese, then the 2 slices of ham and turkey, followed by the final slices of cheese, on each slice of bread.
  3. Top your sandwiches with the remaining two slices of bread.
  4. In a bowl, whisk together your eggs and cream.
  5. Submerge your two sandwiches in the egg and cream mixture. Push the sandwiches deeper into the egg mixture, to force it to absorb more batter, more quickly.
  6. Pre-heat a wide sauté pan on the stove, over medium-low heat.
  7. Add your butter to the pan and swirl it around. The butter doesn't need to completely melt, but the bottom should be evenly coated with a layer of melted butter.
  8. Add your two sandwiches to the pan and cook until one side is golden brown.
  9. Flip the sandwiches to cook the other side, until it is also golden brown. This needs to be done somewhat slowly, to makes sure the egg batter within the sandwich, is cooked all of the way through. You may want to consider placing the whole pan into a pre-heated oven, if you're using particularly thick slices of bread, or extra meat.
  10. Once the sandwiches are cooked through, remove them from the pan.
  11. Cut the sandwiches in half. Serve with raspberry jam for dipping and garnish with a powdered sugar equivalent!

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