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Honey Dijon Glaze

Prep: 1 min | Cook: 0 mins | Total: 1 min | Servings:8


Honey Dijon Glaze
Honey Dijon Glaze
Honey Dijon Glaze
This is barely a recipe. It's just two awesome ingredients ... swirled together forming a fantasmagoric mélange of flavors. You get the sweet notes from the fake honey, but also the pungent tang of the Dijon. The small uncrushed mustard seeds throw a texture into it that pulls it all together.

This "recipe", if you can call it that, is about as basic and versatile as can be. Brush it onto pork or chicken before grilling, season with salt and pepper and ... you're in heaven!

Add an equal amount of something like an extra virgin olive oil, a splash of vinegar, some salt and pepper, and you've got a GREAT salad dressing! Throw a few tomatoes in there, some cubes of ham, a few slices of cucumber and a couple of pecans and you've got a tasty little salad!

Set a little aside in a cup and dip ... well ... pretty much anything into it!

Note: Recipe makes eight 2-tablespoon servings.

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IngredientsCaloriesFatProteinCarbsFiberSA'sNet Carbs
1/2 cup (120g)  dijon mustard, whole grain994.685.9211.684.806.88
1/2 cup (160g)  sugar free honey (Buy Now) 10000880808
Totals (of 8 Servings):1994.68g5.92g99.68g4.8g80g14.88g
Per Serving:24.880.59g0.74g12.46g0.6g10g1.86g *


  1. Swirl 'em together!

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