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A Lot Like Caesar Salad Dressing

Prep: 10 min | Cook: 0 min | Total: 10 min | Servings:6


A Lot Like Caesar Salad Dressing
A Lot Like Caesar Salad Dressing
A Lot Like Caesar Salad Dressing
Growing up, my family used to visit Mexico ... a lot. In fact, I kind of live there and my parents have a house there. As early as I can remember, we would visit a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta at a hotel called Posada Rio Cuale. They had table side service and did things like make big flaming table bombs ... right there!

One of their famous table side dishes was the famed Mexican Caesar Salad. I believe it is here that my mother realized one of the primary flavorings in a Caesar dressing was ... ewwww ... ANCHOVIES! (truth be told, I like anchovies, but ... suspect bacon would be preferred by 9 out of 10 bacon enthusiasts). As a result, we would visit the hotel and request our Caesar dressing be made with bacon, rather than anchovies. The rest was ... more or less the same. Coddled eggs, mustard, bacon, lemon, Worcestershire, do a little dance, toss with croutons, lettuce and ... VOILA! Caesar Salad!

Mine is actually even more basic than that. It's flavor is very similar to Caesar dressing, but without the need to coddle your egg. In fact, it starts with mayonnaise (you can still do the little dance if you want to!).

Makes about six 2-tablespoon portions.

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IngredientsCaloriesFatProteinCarbsFiberSA'sNet Carbs
1/2 cup (109.63g)  mayonnaise (recipe)750.5483.452.
2 each (6g)  garlic cloves, minced8002002
2 tbsp (14.2g)  bacon bits50360000
1/4 cup (25g)  parmesan (reggiano) cheese, grated107.757.259.51001
1 tsp (5.67g)  worcestershire sauce4.41001.11001.11
salt and pepper, to taste0000000
Totals (of 6 Servings):920.793.7g17.9g5.44g0.08g0.25g5.11g
Per Serving:153.4515.62g2.98g0.91g0.01g0.04g0.85g *


  1. In a small mixing bowl, whisk together the ingredients.
  2. Season to taste.

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Hi Barbara, you're really just trying to add a bit of meaty saltiness. It's up to you whether you want to omit the bacon. I see no harm in keeping it. If you really love anchovies, I can see chopping up 2 to 6 filets and throwing them in there! It's hard to go wrong with something you know you love! :)

 DJ  3/24/2014


Hi! I really love anchovies! Do you know how I would incorporate them or even anchovy paste in to this dressing? And if doing so, do I eliminate the bacon? Excited to make this! Thank-you!

 Barbara K.  3/24/2014