Master Shopping List (everything you'll ever need!) 08/01/2014
Master Shopping List (everything you'll ever need!) One of the more common questions I'm asked is ... "Do you have a list of stuff I should buy?". This is my stab at providing a list, but ... this is no easy task! There are so many thoughts and opinions on ... More>
Slow Down ... NOT SO FAT! 06/24/2014
Slow down ... Not so fat! This past week saw the release of TIME Magazine's cover story, pronouncing the end of the war against fat. Along with all the buzz surrounding the simple and elegant butter swirl on the cover, is the exceptionally well timed release of a book called "The Big ... More>
The Sweet Spot VII: Homemade Sugar Replacement Blends 05/19/2014
The Sweet Spot VII Ok, here is the grand finale. The final post in the massive "Sweet Spot" series of posts. Today we'll learn how to make your own sweetening blends. HUZZAH! Our goal is to create a cup of sugar replacement. Or, more specifically, ... More>
The Sweet Spot VI: Brand Name Thoughts (24 micro-reviews) 04/26/2014
The Sweet Spot VI Welcome to round 6 of "The Sweet Spot" series of posts dedicated to the question I'm likely asked the most, "Which is the best sweetener?" As covered in the very first post, it's not a quick and easy question to answer (*cough cough* ... More>
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