Slow down ... NOT SO FAT! - 6/24/2014

This past week saw the release of TIME Magazine's cover story, pronouncing the end of the war against fat. Along with all the buzz surrounding the simple and elegant butter swirl ... More >

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To date, I've lost near 150 lbs. by cutting out sugar and refined carbohydrates. I now eat a wide variety of whole real foods. These are the recipes I've used to lose the weight and regain my health. The recipes are all low-carb and diabetic-friendly, with philosophies weaving through the primal and paleo diets, with a focus on fresh foods and a variety of nutrients. Everything is presented with a touch of whimsy and tongue planted firmly in cheek. Please ... make yourself at home. Enjoy looking through the newest recipes, reading through my blog, registering for weekly-ish recipe and blog updates or just learn a bit more about me!

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